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Print your logo and text on these Wristbands yourself using a dot-matrix printer.
Dimensions: 2,5 cm x 25 cm

Comfortable to wear, and they are available in a large selection of colors. Our easy close snaps will ensure easy to use application.

Large printable area (63x18 mm) is our most popular Vinyl Wristband. Our Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands have the largest printable area on which logos or text can be printed.

Our most popular wristbands are the Tyvek wristbands. Dimensions: 1.9 cm x 25 cm

This wristband has 10 removable tabs for more redemption privileges.

Are you looking for a 100% anti-counterfeit solution? We know what you need...
Unique Ultra-Security wristbands offers:
-Ultra-Security wristbands are 100% anti-counterfeit, and are virtually non-duplicable
-Ultra-Security labels can be applied to most 1" or wide face wristbands (the label itself takes up about half of the print area of the wide face wristbands)

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